relax – it’s instrumental music

As Steve Sheppard from One World Music wrote: “you really have to listen to the opening piece on the album called HAUNTED is the House. In my view this first offering, is the single best piece of work Earthshine have created thus so far, it morphs from Jarre to David Wright and then towards the end, with the slight but very relevant percussion, shifts towards fellow Dutch EM performer Frank Pells in performance. The balance of the composition and the arrangement is simply perfect and creates a superb sense of ambience that one could literally feel like one was about to enter a realm, an old haunted mansion of great mystery and fear. The level of apprehension at both the start and the end of this track leaves you musically full filed, but with a sense of suspense always hovering with intent somewhere around!”

If you want to hear in, here the video for the track:

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