relax – it’s instrumental music


earthshine - watersorry folks, a bit later than intended due to circumstances. But this week the new Earthshine album Water has been released. So if you are looking for some peaceful music, check this instrumental album out! FFO #newage #ambient and #electronicmusic.
and also available on all major platforms!

The first video for the new album Water! Please have a look at Aira Force.

In case you do not know, Aira Force is a waterfall in the Lake District in the UK. We discovered this by accident while cruising there. Nice walk through the forest, despite the rain that day. Hope you enjoy!

earthshine - waterHappy to announce that my new album Water will be released on May 13 2020! This is a digital release, so no CD version will be available. However, the bandcamp download will include album art, so you can always burn your own copy.

Originally intended to become another tribute to a certain country, developments during the recording and writing of this album caused a change of plans. I believe in unity and forward thinking, together working on solutions for the problems we face.
So the scope became a little wider, and in the end more diverse. The titles that were already written remained, as the places they refer to will not have lost their appeal.

“Inspired by beautiful places in this world, and dedicated to one of the most important elements we have available. Be gentle with it! Enjoy, and stay safe and healthy”


1 At The Core 06:04
2 Bassenthwaithe Lake 04:43
3 Aira Force 04:48
4 Sometimes It Rains 06:48
5 Lake Windermere 05:35
6 Solway Firth 03:52
7 Muddy Waters 03:59
8 Sur Meuse 05:17
9 The Ice Is Melting 04:42