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earthshine - abstract patternsSo here it is, the front cover of album V, Abstract Patterns. The album will also be released on October 27 and contains 8 tracks. Blekkmark Design Studio has not only created some fitting artwork, but also updated the logo.

This time my starting point was certain terms and patterns that associate with numbers or ranges of numbers and terms from the world of programming. Like for instance the Fibonacci sequence, or Pi. And my next step would be to translate those numbers to chords and melodies and trying to make it sound right. Without letting it become crazy or incoherent.
I quite liked the challenge and the outcome, but you be the judge!

You can now order the album at Rock Company and they will ship starting early October. Which means you could already have it before it’s official release. And the best thing is, if you order now, you get it at a reduced price. And with the flat shipping rate at the webshop, there is no reason to pick up some more…

The tracks can be found on the next pic:

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