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earthsine - bridge to infinity

“A lot of music was written in the past 2 years. But it wasn’t until a theme stuck in my mind, that I was able to find the right moods for the eight’ album under the Earthshine moniker. So I ditched a number of tracks and, based on the new found direction, set out to write the songs presented here. As usual the music is purely electronic. Name it what you want, but for me it is almost therapeutic to do, so I hope it works for you too. This is an imaginary trip, leaving earth, crossing our solar system and then travel into the great unknown…

Enjoy the flight”

There are 9 tracks on the album, including first single Into The Unknown. See video below. There is no official CD version, but from Bandcamp you can download the wav files and the cover to burn your own copy. The album is also on Spotify, iTunes and every other major platform.


anastasia taioglou – unisplash

Hi Folks,

although I am notoriously bad at keeping in touch, I felt it was time to give a little update on my new album.

As asual I started with an album title and wrote down words and phrases that, at least for me, relate to that title. The picture on the left hints at what this album will be about.
The result were 9 songtitles. The first song I started on early 2018 and number nine was finished yesterday! Might be a long time coming for my standards but hey, I have had a lot on my plate these years.

In between I had to write a new version for one of the earlier songs. While I like the idea, the sound of the first version was way too much out of line with the rest of the tracks.
So now I am gonna leave it for a few weeks, and then I will start mixing with fresh ears. Wish me luck 🙂

Cheers Peter


Yes, quite unbelievable perhaps, but another new album is already in progress. The title is going to be Ghost In The Machine, and the very first sample of what you can expect can be seen and heard here: