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The UK online radio station One World Music is actually a lot more than just that. Co-founder Steve wrote a stunning review of the album that humbles me very much. Soon we will talk a bit as an interview is already planned.

Some excerpts:

A totally new project sails across my horizon as we now look at Earthshine by Peter Cox, the musician has created something unique but deeply interesting and Earthshine as an album will take you on a journey of Electronica played with a certain melodic confidence that dear constant listener you will appreciate.
Track one is also unique; it is the first time I have ever reviewed a piece called Flabbergasted. However, while the title maybe strange the music is very palatable and a nice chord change can be found early on which leads us into a very pleasant and harmonious start to this release…
Solo piano starts this track and some beautiful playing here can be found on the piece called Silence is Golden, no not the pop song from years ago! This was actually one of my favourite tracks from Earthshine, the composition is superb and heart felt and played with a level of emotive passion and respect, at just over the half-way point that artist brings in some very gentle synths and a light percussive beat, this dear constant reader is one that you will totally adore many times over.
So sitting at track number four we have the concept title Earthshine, I must admit, I was stunned when I first heard the opening refrains and thought immediately of the works of Jean Michael Jarre, the layered synths and superb back drop in an almost orchestral soundscape really elevates this albums poise. This is an outstanding composition and one that I am going to feature on a future show. The track it’s self is both uplifting and grand and also holds slight elements of the UK’s EM artist Gazz Collins within as well…
Earthshine from Peter Cox is without doubt one of the most unique albums I have ever listened too and reviewed and dear constant listener, if you like experimental electronica, if you like something new and different, then you will be refreshed by getting a copy of Earthshine, this is one of those albums you really don’t want to miss, as contained within it are tracks that could one day be forerunners to some absolute classics.

To read the full article, that talks in depth about every track on the album click here.

Thank you Steve!

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