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earthshine - ghost in the machineThe new Earthshine (IV)  album Ghost In The Machine will be released early December. There will be 4 tracks on it:

  1. HAUNTED is the house (11:58)
  2. reverse IN going forward (9:42)
  3. philosophy of THE mind (9:31)
  4. steam up that ENGINE (13:33)

Which gives it a total playing time of 44:44 🙂

Hot on the heels of its predecessor comes this 4th Earthshine album. And one that is pushing boundaries like never before. But trying new things is important, even if you do not know beforehand where the music will take you. So sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the journey.

Part of this album was recorded with the ROR guitars Expressiv midi guitar.

To celebrate this coming release, I sponsored playlist 56 on One World Music. Here it is (also contains some parts of this album)

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