relax – it’s instrumental music

conistonPeople who have been following the releases of Earthshine, will already know that I am quite fond of England. Guess the third album White Cliff Country (released in January 2016) proves the point 🙂

And I know there is a new album coming end this year (yeah, have been on a roll), but after that, my book of ideas went quite blank to be honest. Regarding Earthshine that is, lots of more rockier material cooking of course. So what to do?

Good thing the family agreed to do another roundtrip in England, and I managed to squeeze in a few days in Lake District (Coniston Water is on the pic). Been wanting to go there for ages! And there inspiration hit me once again. Not with music, but with titles and a theme. Which are the starting point for any Earthshine album anyway.

So I guess there will once be another tribute to these beautiful surroundings…


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