relax – it’s instrumental music


Well well, curious yet? As a teaser we posted an audio samples track online. And you know what, you can listen to it here. Just follow the menu, and it will work itself out. Enjoy!

(and if not, send us a mail)

We were just wondering: any suggestions on how we should label this music? Now we call it instrumental music, with touches of ambient, new age and film music. Agree. or better suggestions? Let us know!

Added March 5: the video:

earthshineIt will not come as a surprise that on the left is the design for the first release :). But the tracklist should be a surprise. Even if simply so far no one has ever heard any of it… So here it is:

  1. Flabbergasted
  2. Mother Nature
  3. Silence Is Golden
  4. Earthshine
  5. Speechless
  6. Hit By Cupid
  7. Miss You
  8. Yippie-Ka-Yay
  9. Long Lost
  10. Over The Moon
  11. Alien Mayday

Current release date is set to March 17, 2014!

We are proud to release our first track of the forthcoming album. It is a self titled track, so please enjoy Earthshine: