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one world music Steve Sheppard from One World Music Radio has written  a totally mindblowing review of my coming album Ghost In The Machine. Here are some quotes for you:

  • Ghost in the Machine is the latest release from Earthshine and with each collection of songs, Peter Cox; the ever so talented Dutch multiinstrumentalist, just gets better and better.
  • In my view this first offering, is the single best piece of work Earthshine have created thus so far, it morphs from Jarre to David Wright and then towards the end, with the slight but very relevant percussion, shifts towards fellow Dutch EM performer Frank Pells in performance. The balance of the composition and the arrangement is simply perfect and creates a superb sense of ambience that one could literally feel like one was about to enter a realm, an old haunted mansion of great mystery and fear.
  • This album is a four piece collection of long form compositions, the keyboards feature in a delightful and very artistic way on the second song called Reverse IN going forward. Cox has manifested a really clever piece here with the use of the keyboard strings to create an aged sound throughout the composition and a somewhat careful piano performing the role of narrator in the early stages.
  • The start of this track is sublime; most electronic fans on listening to it will be in rapture. This reminds me of some of the deeper and darker tracks of both Kevin Kendle and Geigertek, both masters of this genre. Cox has built something quite brilliant here, and one can almost see the Ghost in the Machine!

Read the full review on the OMWR website (link above) or click here: omwr-ghost-in-the-machine

omwr-november-chart As you can see here on the left, our coming album Ghost In The Machine entered the November OMWR Top 100 chart at position 27. And it isn’t even officially out yet! So totally awesome this, so huge kudos to all the listeners and to Steve and Chrissie and the rest of the OMWR family.

borderlands 18 owm


The recent Borderlands show on One World Music Radio, played the track Reverse In Going Forward in it’s full 9:42 glory. Presenter Steve called it a kind of progressive new age track 🙂 and also mentions Ghost In THe Machine being the best album so far. Thank you Steve!

You can listen to the podcast below, and it features many of genre greats. I am very honoured to be included in this wonderful show with beautiful music!

earthshine - ghost in the machineThe new Earthshine (IV)  album Ghost In The Machine will be released early December. There will be 4 tracks on it:

  1. HAUNTED is the house (11:58)
  2. reverse IN going forward (9:42)
  3. philosophy of THE mind (9:31)
  4. steam up that ENGINE (13:33)

Which gives it a total playing time of 44:44 🙂

Hot on the heels of its predecessor comes this 4th Earthshine album. And one that is pushing boundaries like never before. But trying new things is important, even if you do not know beforehand where the music will take you. So sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the journey.

Part of this album was recorded with the ROR guitars Expressiv midi guitar.

To celebrate this coming release, I sponsored playlist 56 on One World Music. Here it is (also contains some parts of this album)

conistonPeople who have been following the releases of Earthshine, will already know that I am quite fond of England. Guess the third album White Cliff Country (released in January 2016) proves the point 🙂

And I know there is a new album coming end this year (yeah, have been on a roll), but after that, my book of ideas went quite blank to be honest. Regarding Earthshine that is, lots of more rockier material cooking of course. So what to do?

Good thing the family agreed to do another roundtrip in England, and I managed to squeeze in a few days in Lake District (Coniston Water is on the pic). Been wanting to go there for ages! And there inspiration hit me once again. Not with music, but with titles and a theme. Which are the starting point for any Earthshine album anyway.

So I guess there will once be another tribute to these beautiful surroundings…


Yes, quite unbelievable perhaps, but another new album is already in progress. The title is going to be Ghost In The Machine, and the very first sample of what you can expect can be seen and heard here:

earthshine - white cliff countryFrom the latest Earthshine album White Cliff Country comes this track “Secret Of The Stones”. Described by a critic

  • One of my favourite places in England has to be Stonehenge and Earthshine have created a track that compliments both Avebury and the henge, and also does it complete justice by the piece called Secret of the Stones. The arrangement starts in an almost Jarre style, then transposes itself into a really ancient melody of time and memory, it is as if musically we have found a portal to the past. This fluid and fascinating composition is one of the best on the album, I could listen to this for hours.

So a little suspense should be in order here: