relax – it’s instrumental music


Here is a little video for you, containing the first audio from the coming album.

The title will be Abstract Patterns and there will be 8 songs on it. What you will hear is from the first song, Fibonacci Fever:

Whoohoo, a mini special with 3 tracks from 3 albums! So if you like relaxing instrumental music, give this a try!
Thank you Steve and Chrissie and One World Music!

omwr awards 2016 - earthshine

omwr awards 2016 - peoples choiceI am very proud to announce I reveived a nomination for the 2016 People’s Choice Awards on One World Music Radio for my album White Cliff Country! It is always such a good feeling to receive this kind of honour. It really does not matter if I win or not. If you like what I do and want to help me, please follow this link and vote!

Thanks to the OWMR judges for including me and good luck to all the nominees!


To check the album:


FibonacciYes I know I said last year I am considering doing another tribute to England. But not at this point ūüôā
I have¬†been doing some research and was able to start working on new songs! Always exciting when that happens. A theme makes writing much more easy for me… But at this point the only thing I can or want to reveal is the title of the first song, and that is Fibonacci Fever… stay tuned!

io pages 140

Dutch magazine IO Pages, in the person of Robert Schuller, have published a review for Ghost In The Machine in edition 140. Some quotes:

  • Ghost In the Machine is a change in the right direction
  • atmosphere and moods are the key ingredient now
  • I like the innovativeness of Earthshine

The original Dutch version is below. Thank you Robbert.

Ghost In The Machine

Op het vierde album van Earthshine in ruim twee jaar tijd gooit men het roer stevig om. De instrumentale werken die Peter Cox onder dit pseudoniem uitbracht, werden tot nu toe maar zuinigjes ontvangen in iO Pages. Ghost In The Machine laat een omslag horen die naar  mijn mening naar de goede kant uitvalt. Het album bevat slechts vier lange composities, waarin piano en synthesizers het voortouw nemen. Een nieuw instrument in het muzikale palet waarmee Cox werkt is de midi-gitaar. Veel klanken op het album zijn afkomstig van dit apparaat; heel duidelijk ligt de nadruk op sfeer. Dat lijkt de componist beter af te gaan dan de ritmische begeleiding.
Ik vond dat laatste op eerdere cd’s het zwakke punt van het Earthshine project.
Cox houdt gelukkig de inzet van de drummachine op Ghost In The Machine binnen de perken. De keren dat de computergestuurde
bas en drums uit het hok mogen, ontsieren meestal niet al vliegt hij halverwege het afsluitende Steam Up That Engine net even uit de bocht qua programmering in combinatie met houterig solospel. Toch bevalt de vernieuwingsdrang van Earthshine me wel. Wordt ongetwijfeld vervolgd.

Robbert Schuller

earthshine happy holidays

As Steve Sheppard from One World Music wrote: “you really have to listen to the opening piece on the album called HAUNTED is the House. In my view this first offering, is the single best piece of work Earthshine have created thus so far, it morphs from Jarre to David Wright and then towards the end, with the slight but very relevant percussion, shifts towards fellow Dutch EM performer Frank Pells in performance. The balance of the composition and the arrangement is simply perfect and creates a superb sense of ambience that one could literally feel like one was about to enter a realm, an old haunted mansion of great mystery and fear. The level of apprehension at both the start and the end of this track leaves you musically full filed, but with a sense of suspense always hovering with intent somewhere around!”

If you want to hear in, here the video for the track: