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Hi Folks,

although I am notoriously bad at keeping in touch, I felt it was time to give a little update on my new album.

As asual I started with an album title and wrote down words and phrases that, at least for me, relate to that title. The picture on the left hints at what this album will be about.
The result were 9 songtitles. The first song I started on early 2018 and number nine was finished yesterday! Might be a long time coming for my standards but hey, I have had a lot on my plate these years.

In between I had to write a new version for one of the earlier songs. While I like the idea, the sound of the first version was way too much out of line with the rest of the tracks.
So now I am gonna leave it for a few weeks, and then I will start mixing with fresh ears. Wish me luck 🙂

Cheers Peter


Here the video for my new track. Make sure you make it till the finale, in my humble opinion the most beautiful part of the song 🙂

While I was working on ideas for the next full length Earthshine album, I came up with the idea for this song. As it does not fit the theme, I decided to release it as a single track.
What inspired me was the thought of all the electric pulses running our body throughout the day. From slowly getting up in the morning, to work, eating and then again slowing down to finally falling asleep.

Official release July 16, it is Name Your Price until then!!

earthshine package deal

Find this CD offer at our label. For digital version head on over to our bandcamp page!

empire 125 earthshineGerman magazine Empire writes this about the album in edition 125:

Peter Cox, the Chinawhite guitarist, continues his journey into instrumental electronic music with Abstract Patterns. The Dutchman describes the music as ambient, new age, film music and lounge, and that hits the spot. The often very melodic themes and sounds invite you to dream. The guitars that are added here and there create a welcom variation. For the quieter moments in life.
Thanks Martin!
Read the original in German here: Empire_125_Preview 58

legacy 112 earthshineGerman Metal (!) magazine Legacy wrote a piece about the Abstract Patterns CD too. Since this type of music isn’t really aimed at their target group, I am pretty pleased with what they write! Some quotes translated to English:

  • a disc that comes across as very atmospheric
  • dominating instruments are piano, mellotron and synthesizer
  • an album for the quieter moments which could be fulfilling for people into instrumental music

dmme earthshineDmitry from DMME shares his thoughts about my latest album Abstract Patterns here. Obviously no stranger to some of the terms I used when coming up with the titles and music for this release, Dmitry has a great way of describing his listening experience!
It makes me smile when I can make other people smile 😉