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French writer Alain Bourguignon from Facebookpage Plus Prog de Vous just published this heartwarming review of my latest album The Age Oc Aquarius: (click to read)


front cover the age of aquariusThe tenth Earthshine release, what a trip!

“The Age of Aquarius is the coming (or current) astrological age. As a product of the Earths precessional rotation, we are entering a period of 2160 years in which humanity will be affected. With what or how? We cannot be sure. Maybe we will see the rise and fall of empires. Or inventions that radically change what we know. Maybe we’ll see a world ruled by secretive, power-hungry elites seeking absolute power over others; that knowledge in the Aquarian Age will only be valued for its ability to win wars; that knowledge and science will be abused, not industry and trade; and that the Aquarian Age will be a Dark Age in which religion is considered offensive…

One thing is certain though: Change is the only constant…”

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front coverComing November 2, will see the release of Golden Gate Of The Ecliptic, my 9th title with Earthshine!

“The Golden Gate of the Ecliptic is an asterism in the constellation Taurus that has been known for several thousand years. The constellation is built by the two eye-catching open star clusters of the Pleiades and the Hyades that form the two posts of a virtual gate at the two sides of the ecliptic line. Since the Pleiades are also known as the seven sisters, their respective names provided the trigger to write the 9 songs of this album. It also makes up for a somewhat logical follow up to previous album Bridge To Infinity.

Sweet Dreams…”

You can get into the album with this first video, for the track Maia:

earthsine - bridge to infinityIt is always pretty hard to get people to write about this music. Unless you pay them, which makes little sense in my book. So here a couple of sites that did make the effort.

First is Heavy Metal Webzine (wow). They say “The final result is interesting even if not exciting” and hand out 6,5 / 10 stars.

Second are the Dutch Progressive Rock Pages: where writer Andy Read describes the album without giving points.


If you know of more, please let me know!

earthsine - bridge to infinity

“A lot of music was written in the past 2 years. But it wasn’t until a theme stuck in my mind, that I was able to find the right moods for the eight’ album under the Earthshine moniker. So I ditched a number of tracks and, based on the new found direction, set out to write the songs presented here. As usual the music is purely electronic. Name it what you want, but for me it is almost therapeutic to do, so I hope it works for you too. This is an imaginary trip, leaving earth, crossing our solar system and then travel into the great unknown…

Enjoy the flight”

There are 9 tracks on the album, including first single Into The Unknown. See video below. There is no official CD version, but from Bandcamp you can download the wav files and the cover to burn your own copy. The album is also on Spotify, iTunes and every other major platform.

Below is the first track to be released from my coming album Bridge To Infinity. It is a track called Into The Unknown. Regarding the album, it will be released on coming september 29! You can already preorder from bandcamp.

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