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one world music review earthshineSteve from One World Music has written a review of the new album that is simply mindblowing. Here are some quotes:

“if you like the last one, then you are going to be blown away with this new offering”

“Earthshine as a project has really excelled on this album and Peter Cox has driven forward in uncharted territory with great ease, but with such fine musicianship”

“now we are treated to 7 minutes plus of absolutely delightful music. We have it all here dear reader, we have a stunning Piano and swirling synths to start off a truly incredible composition. One can feel a sense of liberation within the song and the air and room that the Piano gives is sublime”

“Cox has that uniqueness about him that some others just can’t seem to attain”

“However here Cox takes on a rhythmic journey of exploration, and into the fusion of smooth Jazz and progressive new age, there is quite a tempo in this piece that will delight all who listen to it, a track that really crosses boundaries with ease and great skill”

“Somewhere Around as an album is a real progression of great magnitude for Peter Cox and since the last release called Earthshine, he has really pushed boundaries and moved into musical lands never before trodden, the experimental feel is still here, the uniqueness is still here, but the bar has been raised, this is one album that if you miss it or hesitate in getting it, you will regret it, this is indeed a very special musical offering from Eartshine.”


Well, this one left me speechless 🙂 Thank you so much Steve!!

If you want to read the full article, visit the OWM site, or click here

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