relax – it’s instrumental music

earthshine - abstract patternsThe fifth Earthshine album Abstract Patterns is set for release on October 27, 2017. Here is the tracklist:

1.       Fibonacci Fever // 07:26
2.       Destructive Objects // 5:48
3.       A Piece Of Pi // 04:48
4.       A Parallel Rewriting // 06:40
5.       Circle Of Five // 04:50
6.       Effortlessly Random // 05:54
7.       Chaos Flow // 08:52
8.       Abstract Factory Pattern // 04:24

The music for this fifth album was written and recorded in 2017 in the Down The Road studio Netherlands. Blekkmark Design Studio created the beautiful art and updated the logo.

Peter says: Wow, album number 5 already! This time my starting point was certain terms and patterns that associate with numbers or ranges of numbers and the like. Like Fibonacci and Pi. As well as phrases associated with programming software. And my next step would be to translate those to chords and melodies and trying to make it sound right. Without letting it become crazy or incoherent. I quite liked the challenge and the outcome, but you be the judge!

Part of this album was again recorded with the ROR guitars Expressiv midi guitar.