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The third Earthshine album White Cliff Country is available from January 8, 2016

The EPK:

earthshine - white cliff countryThe music for this third album was written and recorded between 2014 and 2015 in the Down The Road studio Netherlands. Inspired by one of his favorite places in the world, England. As he puts it: “some of my most precious memories are from travelling through England. So I let my memories inspire me for this album. Hope it creates some precious memories for you too!”


1.       Channel Crossing (3:29)

7.    Ye Olde Manor (3:39)

2.       Beachy Head (4:50)

8.    Sunbathing In Bath (3:43)

3.       Canterbury Tale (2:11)

9.    Knole Park Deer (3:16)

4.       English Rose (3:47)

10. London (7:46)

5.       On The Fosse (5:03)

11. Mind The Gap (5:16)

6.       Secret Of The Stones (5:33)

And in this album show you can hear all the tracks as well as the OMWR review of it: