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From Wikipedia:

Earthshine is reflected earthlight visible on the Moon’s night side. It is also known as the Moon’s ashen glow or asthe old Moon in the new Moon’s arms.

Earthshine is most readily observable shortly before and after a New Moon, during the waxing or waning crescent phase. When the Moon is new as viewed from Earth, the Earth is nearly fully lit up as viewed from the Moon.Sunlight is reflected from the Earth to the night side of the Moon. The night side appears to glow faintly and the entire orb of the Moon is dimly visible.

Earthshine music:

Earthshine stands for instrumental music, with hints of film music, ambient and new age. The use of guitars will be kept to a minimum as this is all about keyboards. Think piano, the mighty mellotron, organ and synths. Drums and bass will be present when needed.
The music is all about moods. In the hectic of nowadays world, music can help to relax and reach that peace of mind state. The music of Earthshine will help you achieve that. Take a deep breath and get ready to explore the musical universe that is Earthshine. Relax and enjoy the music!

The man behind Earthshine is Peter Cox. Coming from a rock background (playing guitars in for instance rockband Chinawhite) he always had an interest in keyboards and sounds. Those piano lessons at a young age have rubbed off somehow. Peter not only loves to challenge himself with creating this relaxing type of music, he also loves listening to it to ease his busy mind!


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